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Beginner 2 - A

Friday, Jun 7, 2024 (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
Friday, Jun 14, 2024 (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
Friday, Jun 21, 2024 (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
Friday, Jun 28, 2024 (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

In Progress
Leader: Casey Duva
Required ratings:
Adult - Helmsman
Age requirements:
Minimum age: 18

Event Information


Embark on an exciting journey with our Adult Beginner II Sailing Course, designed for those eager to advance their sailing skills. This comprehensive course is tailored to build on your foundational knowledge learned in Beginner 1, enhancing your understanding and practical abilities by adding a jib and teaching you how to balance the sails and boat so they work together. In this class, you'll learn:

  • Rigging Mastery: Become proficient in properly rigging and unfurling a jib, setting it optimally for all sailing directions and maneuvers.
  • Tiller Extension Use: Gain expertise in using a tiller extension, a crucial skill for effective boat handling.
  • Navigational Rules: Understand the essential 'rules of the road' for sail versus sail scenarios, ensuring safe and confident sailing.
  • Safety and Signals: Learn vital safety positions and sailing signals, preparing you for diverse situations on the water.
  • Maneuvering Techniques: Master the technique of escaping 'irons' (a no-sail situation) using sails and rudder, even while sailing backward.
  • Running Rigging Skills: Learn to use running riggings to power and depower your sails, and discern the appropriate times for each action.
  • Sail Adjustment with Telltales: Use telltales effectively to adjust your sail, enhancing boat performance and speed.
  • Capsize Recovery: Acquire the skills to right a capsized sailboat, an essential competency for any sailor.
  • Boat Balance Theory: Understand the basics of boat balance, including the Center of Lateral Resistance and Center of Effort, and their impact on your vessel.
  • Helm Balancing with Sails: Use sails to achieve helm balance, a key to smooth sailing.
  • Efficient Irons Escape: Develop enhanced techniques for getting out of irons easily, making your sailing experience smoother.

Course Structure:

This course is perfect for individuals who have a basic understanding of sailing and wish to elevate their skills to the next level. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, you'll emerge as a more confident and competent sailor, ready to take on new challenges and enjoy the beauty of sailing with greater skill and assurance.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Helmsman Certification

Course Goal:

This course prepares you to take the US Sailing Small Boat Beginner Sailor Certification. 

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